About Pinnacle

Pinnacle is an open integration platform that is reaching new heights within the security market. Just because security systems are complex, doesn’t mean they have to be complicated to use.

Our mission

Our mission is to build an open, multi-site integration system in the electronic security market with a centralised fault management platform that is truly versatile, adaptable and effective.

We aim to become the leading provider of a truly vendor-agnostic platform that begins life in the security market but grows to allow integrations across different sectors to connect data and CCTV images for improved analysis that will, in turn drive greater efficiencies in the modern world.

Our vision

The security industry has witnessed significant changes over the last decade and basic setups are a thing of the past. Today, many manufacturers have produced ground-breaking new systems to make properties and workplaces safer.

Our vision is to simplify and unite these innovative solutions and to maximise their potential in a way that is available for everyone. We want to see Pinnacle being utilised in everyday ways to improve security to help translate useful data into creating safer spaces and a safer world.

Our story
Pinnacle was born out of a need to find a workable solution to everyday problems within the security sector.

The platform was the brainchild of Ric Martin, our CEO, back in 2015, who recognised whilst working at Sensory Secure that available solutions were being adversely hindered by either price, features, or integrations, making it difficult to bring projects in on budget and in line with client needs.

Designed to tackle these and other issues like ownership of integrations, the platform was eventually deployed across numerous Sensory projects and was continuously being improved and developed according to client needs and feedback.

After much success, it was later realised that the product could be expanded out into the open market as a standalone and scalable commercial entity and after much hard work and further development, a second version of Pinnacle was achieved in 2022.

Since then, Pinnacle is evolving into a centrally managed, multi-site platform with a cloud-based management system for fault management. What’s more, its creation and application have been led by a team whose experience in sales, installation and commissioning of integrated security systems have helped make Pinnacle both innovative and accessible.

Our leadership team

Our experienced senior management and development team share the same dedication and passion for Pinnacle, while also collectively combining a wealth of experience and expertise within the security industry. Please meet the key members of our team below.

Ric Martin CEO

Ric holds the position of CEO and is responsible for the overall concept of Pinnacle. He is passionate about the security industry and after years of working in the high-end residential and marine markets, he is committed to driving the vision for Pinnacle forward.

Stuart Evans CTO

Stuart holds the position of CTO. His career in software development has spanned large companies such as Sage in the UK as well as VC backed start-ups in Texas, California and Paris. Originally a research chemist using mass spectrometry, he has a background in data acquisition and analytics. 

Chris Duffy Growth Director

Chris holds the position of Growth Director and develops and implements the overall growth strategies for the business. He leads and supports the growing sales team and provides support and guidance on sales reporting, budgeting, forecasting and all other commercial activities. 

Gary Taylor Cloud & Software

Gary holds the position of Cloud & Software Architect. Following a long career in the banking sector and some solo projects developing apps on iOS and Windows, he now oversees the transition of Pinnacle from a simple desktop application into a robust and scalable enterprise platform.

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